Building Communities

If you create any kind of content - newsletters, blogs, essays, podcasts, videos or even memes, a layer of community on top of your content gives it a new dimension that adds value for your consumers. Kettle is the easiest way to create that community around your content and charge a membership fee from your audience.

How is it better than asking people to pay for my content?

Getting paid for content is a solid business model, but a paywall reduces exposure and with it, the asymmetric upside of getting recognised for your content. By creating a Kettle Community, you can keep your content open and charge a premium for community membership.

Will my audience pay for it?

People pay for things they value and community is one of the most valuable things in the world.

  • The value of Harvard and Stanford does not come from the instruction or facilities they offer, but from the community of peers they curate for us.
  • There are hundreds of accelerators around the world but why does every entrepreneur yearn to get into Y Combinator? It is the community they have built.

You just need to find the people who will value the community you have built.

Can I host a free community?

Yes, you can host a free community but we recommend charging your members directly. Communities don't work without active members and paying members are 7x more likely to be active. We also offer the option of setting up 7-day trials.

If you don't wish to make money from your community and still keep members vested, we can also set you up with a non-profit organization and route your earnings to them as donations.

How do I build a good community?

Here are some pointers

  • Welcome new members and introduce them to some existing members. They will feel comfortable and welcome in the new community.
  • Keep the community active
    Kettle helps with automated pairings, ice-breaking sessions and other community building activities
  • Filter members for quality and keep the community exclusive.
  • Do not look to scale as scale kills communities. If you charge your members, keep the membership fee high so you don't need hundreds of members to sustain it.

I am writing a detailed guide on building and hosting online communities. I would love to have you contribute to this guide.

To contribute, please reach out to me on twitter (preferred) or email me at raghav at joinkettle dot com

-Raghav, maker of Kettle